"But you know what? I am good."
A Martha Jones Appreciation Fan Blog
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Advice I just gave my friend:

Ask yourself what would Martha Jones do.

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Martha Jones from A to Z [insp]

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the doctor showed me a better way of living your life. you know - he showed you, too.
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i will stan Martha Jones until the day they lower me into the ground, tbh

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Requested by Anon.

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I need a gif of Martha Jones and the Doctor making Harry Potter references in 1599!


Hello friend if you look at this blog’s tag for the shakespeare code (/tagged/episode:-the-shakespeare-code) you will find a number of gifsets of that scene :)

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I get weirdly emotional when I see other people on here defending Martha. It always feels like I’m the only one who really appreciated her character, I mean The Doctor didn’t even appreciate her!

She’s such an amazing character and I love seeing when other people love her too.


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Maybe I’m blind, maybe I’m blind
Oh, I couldn’t see you shine
And shimmer right in front of my eyes.

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want one?


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want one?

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